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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wayne - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Straight Lads Spanked:  Wayne has got into trouble. Caught smoking weed at college! His father is furious and Wayne is give that dreaded command. 

"Go home to your bedroom and wait for me to get home!"

Wayne deserves a proper punishment and in this case is a bare bottom belting! His father does not hold back and you can see his bottom change colour to bright red as the belt lashes keep on coming!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Parker - Bubble Bath Blues

Straight Lads Spanked: Parker is a rather arrogant young man. Cocky and thinks the world revolves around himself. possibly even a bit of a bully.

Parker comes home from work and like to relax in a warm bubble bath with the music on LOUD!  The neighbours who have young children have complained but Parker doesn't care!

Parker's Dad cares though and he has had enough! So for the first time in his 22 year old life, Parker finds himself getting a good old fashioned spanking and slippering from his very angry father!

You can tell how angry his father is as Parker's bottom turns a shade of scarlet as the spanks come down harder and harder!

My guess is that, for once, the neighbours enjoyed the noise they heard coming from Parker's bedroom, but I don't think Parker will be playing his music loudly again!

The End


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Brother In Charge - Part Four (Andy and Oliver)

Oliver and his Dad are having a nice quiet night in. Mum is away so the guys decide to order some take-away and have a few drinks. ​​G​ood, quality, Father & Son time!

​The peaceful night in is soon ruined by a ferocious knocking at the door!

​ ​
Dad goes to see what all the noise is about and encounters a very angry Andy Lee!
Andy has discovered that Oliver was involved in selling the 'gear' with his younger brother Dan and he is not happy.
Oliver tries to protest his innocence
But nobody is fooled
What happens next is Oliver's biggest nightmare.

Total Humiliation


A Very Sore Bottom!

More from producer Dave."​Well when I first made Brother in Charge Part One I never dreamed that we would end up with a fourth part. I love how these movies have a life of their own.

The main thing to tell you about this one, was how difficult it was for Oliver! He has had worse spankings in his time, but this was just total humiliation. Having to show respect to Andy and get spanked by him in front of myself was really difficult. In fact at one point I really thought Oliver would not go through with it.

So of course, what we end up with are some delightfully real, awkward, embarrassing squirming moments from Oliver that we know are 100% genuine!



Sunday, 15 June 2014

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Spanking Competition - Part One Adam and Wayne

Adam and Wayne, the first competitors in Spanking Competition

This is the start of a new series of spanking competitions between the lads, starting off with real life best friends Adam & Wayne. There is an interview with the lads at the beginning which is really funny. Their close friendship and easy going nature is a joy to watch!

So how does the Spanking Competition work? Easy! Each lad has 30 seconds to spank their friend as hard as they can.10 Seconds to swap positions Then the other lad has 30 seconds to get his revenge.

This continues until one lad gives up!

Why would the lads do this? Well simply to earn some cash. The winner walks away with double the money. The winner also gets to play in the next round with another lad and will continue until he is beaten!

There is also a humiliating twist for the loser at the end!

Two (very red) ends
More from SLS producer Dave! ""First of all don't panic! This series is not going to be the new direction of Straight Lads Spanked. There will still be a good mix of Mr X, Dad, Uncle Andrew and whatever else I think up! However, I for one love seeing the lads in these natural settings where you get to see their true characters come true and lets face it, what can be hotter than seeing two, straight best friends spanking each other bare ass.

If you have seen this video, and leave a comment, please do not reveal who the winner (and loser) is