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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Jay and Scott, Failed Substance Test

At Straight Lads Spanked:  Jay has taken up martial arts and is really good at it. In fact, he has been selected by the coach to enter a competition with his mate Scott.  Training has been going well. In fact, a little too well! The coach is suspicious about the lads sudden improved performance.

He orders a private substance testing kit and is dismayed when both lads prove positive for banned enhancement substances. If the lads were to get caught with this during the competition it would have serious repercussions.

The coach decides the lads need to learn a serious lesson and he sends them off to visit the local spanker, Mr X! Scott has never been before and is in for a shock when he finds out that a spanking is going to be dished out.

For two straight friends getting spanked in front of each other is just embarrassing! Especially as they are forced to strip off naked in front of each other!

Jay and Scott are spanked hard, bare bottom over the knee!


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ryan - Bubble Bath Blues


Ryan has just returned home after receiving a sound, bare bottom, spanking from Mr X. (This movie follows on directly from  Andy & Ryan - Caught In Girls Changing Rooms)  Ryan has never been spanked before and he really felt it.

His tender cheeks won't stop stinging so Ryan decides to soothe his sore bottom in a nice bubble bath.

When he strips off his clothes the evidence of the spanking shows on his sore red bottom

Maybe the warm soapy water will cool his burning bottom

After the bath Ryan ties to relax in bed thinking his troubles are behind him

WRONG! the troubles may be behind him but they haven't gone away!!

Ryan's Dad has found out about his sons disgusting behaviour and he is furious!

Poor Ryan is having a really bad day
Dad feels that it is his job to punish his son so Ryan ends up getting his bottom spanked for the second time that day

Not satisfied with a mere hand spanking Dad sends Ryan to his room to fetch his slipper

This really stings on Ryan's already tender bottom

But it gets worse when, despite Ryan's attempt to stop him, Dad pulls down Ryan's pants   
The rest of the spanking will be on Ryan's very sore bare bottom
Very painful and Very Humiliating!
Just like a good spanking should be!

A final hard and fast hand spanking to reenforce the message
Dad is satisfied Ryan will not be sitting comfortably for some while!!
Mouse spank Ryan's well punished bottom (or Click here) to view a Free preview trailer

Monday, 25 August 2014

Wayne and Adam "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home"

Wayne is relaxing at his friend Adam's house. They discover that Adam's Dad is away for the evening so they decide to full advantage of the situation - Starting By drinking Dad's booze

Watching porn on their cell phones

 And smoking dope
 Generally being very naughty boys
 Finally the pass out
Unlucky for the boys Dad returns unexpectedly. He is not happy with the behaviour and decides that punishment is in order.
Wayne begs Adam's Dad not to tell his own father and agree's to take whatever punishment Adam will receive.
Wayne may live to regret this decision.
 Both lads get spanked hard, over the knee, bare bottom in front of each other.

This is clearly painful and embarrassing...

Wayne realises he may have made a mistake

 But this is only the beginning, Dad has to return to work, but he tells the boys to wait for him and that, when he returns, they will get the belt.

If Those naughty boys think their bottoms are sore now .....

 Just wait until Father gets home!

Wayne and Adam's ordeal will continue in part 2