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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Totally Free Movie: Dom Birched At Work

Is now available to stream totally free from Straight Lads Spanked 


This video follows directly after Dom's Birthday Spanking. Usually birthday spankings are fun and lighthearted... .but this time it's different! Dom was playing poker the night before with brothers Oliver and Fred and he was caught cheating! To teach him a lesson, the brothers decided to pay a bit more to Mr X for Dom to be thrashed hard!

So this birthday spanking is tough! It starts off with a hard, over the knee, bare bottomed spanking, followed by 19 hard strokes using the cane and leather paddle! This straight lad soon discovers that he is not receiving a fun gay spanking but a serious hard punishment, leaving him with a very sore bottom!

After the Spanking Mr.X takes pity on Dom and offers him the chance to make some money by doing some work at his flat.  Always in need of cash, Dom agrees.  Now read on .......  


The next morning, after a night sleeping on his stomach, a still sore bottomed Dominic arrives bright and early  at Mr X'S door to start work laying a new wooden floor

 Mr X leaves Dom alone to do the job. Big Mistake! Boys will be boys and Dom decides to help himself to Mr X's wine!

That was Dom's Big Mistake!

 The lazy bratt takes a rest to read some porn as he drinks Mr X's wine and has a smoke

 Of course Dom is caught red handed!

 Meaning his bottom will soon be even redder.

 Of course Dom has to be disciplined!

When Mr X pulls down Dom's underwear he can see he is still sore and marked from his severe Birthday Spanking, Paddling and Caning!

Does this mean Mr X will go easy on Dom?


Dom receives a very hard hand spanking, in fact Mr X seems to be deliberately aiming at Dom's bruises!

Making sure that Dom's punishment has maximum impact

He doesn't stop uptil poor Dom's bottom is a blowing shade of red

And very, very sore!
However a single hand spanking is never going to teach this young lad a proper lesson though so Mr X decides that the birch will do the job more effectively!

The pain on Dom's face when the stinging birch cuts in is very evident! 

A final humiliation

Mr X finishes off by spanking Dom with his porn magazine

After the punishment Dom's bottom has received, this hurts just as much

Dom certainly learns a tough lesson in this Corporal Punishment Movie!

His next challenge will be sitting down any time soon

Friday, 3 July 2015

Fraser - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home


Fraser has been fighting. Fighting in the football changing rooms. Fighting over a girl! Fraser got sent home, early shamed.
Fraser's furious Father is waiting for him at home! Dad has to go to work, so Fraser is sent to have a shower and wait in his bedroom for his Father to return.
This movie starts with handsome straight lad Fraser, stripping off and having a long, hot shower before returning to his bedroom. 


He then faces an agonising wait for his Father to return home... He knows he is in big trouble!
Finally Dad Returns

What happens next is a very real, hard punishment. Fraser receives a strong lecture from his Father before getting belted.

His Father is furious and this shows in his punishment as the belt lashes Fraser's bare bottom and thighs. 
This is a lesson that Fraser is not gong to forget for a very, long time! 

Fraser takes a long hard beating from Dad


Fraser is idea for the role, his perfect creamy white skin shows the affect of every whack, and his boyish good looks mean he is very convincing in the role. Yet his defined and muscular body reveal him to be a grown man deserving everything he gets!
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